Designing a Luxury Bathroom

Designing a Luxury Bathroom

From design to completion – Newbury, Berkshire At Simon Taylor Furniture we love designing luxury bathrooms, whether they are traditional or contemporary – like our recent project in Newbury in Berkshire. We were briefed to refresh a tired family bathroom that had been previously installed with no storage and with a full dividing wall between the shower area and the rest of the room. This made the shower cubicle rather dark and uninviting, while making the entire bathroom seem very small. The challenge was to make the bathroom space much lighter and brighter, and to open up the shower area to the rest of the room, whilst still incorporating a bath, a new sink and importantly, some necessary storage. We created lifelike renders of the new bathroom using a colour palette of soft greys and white with a timber element to match the furnishings throughout the client’s home. These renders demonstrated the changes that we had devised to solve all the client’s storage and space issues and they agreed to all our suggestions. For the shower area, we created a dwarf wall, with a clear glass panel fixed above it that immediately expanded the sightlines, with a full glass door on the other side, to make the room seem much larger. We repositioned the WC to beneath the window area to allow for a floating wall-hung vanity cabinet and sink unit to be installed, which features lots of internal storage and it is lit from beneath with LED’s to provide an ambient atmosphere at night. This complements the eye level vanity unit above, which features further cupboard space to... read more

5 Critical Factors Before Planning Your Bespoke Kitchen in Aylesbury

Designing your bespoke kitchen in Aylesbury can seem like an overwhelming challenge and a comprehensive plan is essential for any luxury kitchen project to be successful. An established and credible kitchen company in Aylesbury must be able to partner with you to create the ideal design that will suit your requirements and also something that works within your budget. Our senior designer, Tony Lister, has some tips and advice from his wealth of experience in the kitchen industry to make the design process a pleasure rather than an inconvenience. He has compiled a list of questions that his clients have found essential to our work process and hope that they will also assist you during your handmade kitchen design project. Our staff of designers will also work with you to create a design to suit your own personal requirements. Before you begin to look at different styles, colours, and finishes, you will want to consider how the kitchen will be used. Will your kitchen be a designated area for the storage and preparation of food items, a functioning kitchen, or more the heart of the home with an additional dining space and family area? How often do you entertain guests? Do you do lots of cooking? This will help you to determine how much workspace will be required, which appliances you will need, and whether or not seating will need to be integrated into the design. If you are a keen cook you may find a vegetable preparation sink a useful quality in the kitchen. Who will be using your bespoke kitchen? Are there any specific requirements for other... read more

Simon Taylor Lends Helping Hand to Berkhamsted School Student

Simon Taylor Furniture are proud to be involved in activities that support our local schools and community. Miles Mitchell, one of the children who attended Berkhamsted School’s trip to our workshop, is a Year 8 student and has been an Art Scholar since he joined the school in Year 7. As a student he has been a major contributor to the overall concept and drafting of the Art Scholars’ Lino Printing project. As well as collaborating on the emblem design he has designed both the Lych Gate and Deans’ Hall segments. His latest project is a tableau of nine planets carved onto square blocks of contrasting woods using a brand new pyrographic engraver. Already fascinated by wood and it’s various patterns and structure he realised the potential for creating different textures while experimenting with the new tool. These textures in the wood reminded him of photographs of planet surfaces. He utilised different woods and these were chosen to represent the surfaces of the planets by colour and grain. As Simon helped him explore the different types of wood and assist him with his choices, the markings were burnt and etched into them to detail the various surface patterns. Each planet took approximately 2-3 hours to create and the artwork is currently being exhibited at Berkhamsted School. Miles has also constructed a 3ft assembly of Elizabeth’s Tower (Big Ben) using stickwork among other projects and contributions to the school’s Lino Printing project. If your school would like to visit our workshop and showroom in Aylesbury to see our remarkable kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms being made and experience our local quality... read more

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