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5 Must Have Kitchen Gadgets and Appliances For Your Kitchen

5 Must Have Kitchen Gadgets and Appliances For Your Kitchen

The modern kitchen is so much more than a functional workspace for food prep and storage; it should be the beating heart of your home. Whether you’ve just had a beautiful, brand new kitchen installed or are making minor upgrades to the existing room scheme, don’t forget about the finishing touches. Here are 5 clever kitchen gadgets that not only look hot, but will make your home life a whole lot easier.

1 – Quooker Tap

A standout feature in any modern kitchen, the Quooker Tap is the ‘must have’ device to dispense boiling water on demand. No more waiting for the kettle to boil – in fact you can do away with the customary kettle altogether – there’s a range of stylish taps for hot only, or hot and cold water, for you to choose from. They’re time saving, energy efficient and accident proof and come in a choice of silver, grey, chrome and gold.

2 – Digital Assistant

Not so much a traditional kitchen gadget but voice technology used in the hub of the home, digital assistants are becoming a regular feature on kitchen worktops or, increasingly, as an integrated feature in smart appliances. Systems like the Amazon Alexa or Android based Ubi are handy for finding and recalling recipes, converting measurements, making shopping lists, playing music while you cook and much more, all without lifting a single finger.

3 – Smart Fridge

Smart refrigeration technology has now advanced to the extent that internet connected chillers are widely available to everyone. Check the contents of your fridge, make a shopping list and order online – all at the touch of a button and thanks to an integrated webcam. Use the built-in screen as a family noticeboard, or to text messages to your family. Samsung’s Family Hub and LG’s Door-in-Door fridge freezers are leading the way in smart fridge technology, though other premium brands are catching up fast.

4 – Smart Nutribullet

First came the green juicing craze, now we’re loving the Nutribullet personal blender. Able to produce freshly blended fruit and veg juices, smoothies and shakes with minimum fuss and maximum convenience, it’s the go-to gadget for time poor, health conscious people. There are now 6 sleek models to choose from, ranging in performance from 600 watts to 1,700 watts. Best of all, the Nutribullet Balance connects to an app via Bluetooth and counts the calories, proteins, fat and sugar in your smoothie.

5 – KitchenAid Mixer

The KitchenAid Stand Mixer was launched as a domestic appliance back in 1918 in the USA. Today’s Artisan Stand Mixer dates back to the 1937 design of the American style guru Egmont Arens, and its iconic ‘tilt head’ design is as popular and fresh looking now as it was all those years ago. A real investment into the look and performance of your kitchen, this small appliance is built to withstand heavy use, while its unique design makes it an extension of your hands, your skill and your imagination in the kitchen.

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