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Simon Taylor Lends Helping Hand to Berkhamsted School Student

simon taylor berkhamsted schoolSimon Taylor Furniture are proud to be involved in activities that support our local schools and community.

Miles Mitchell, one of the children who attended Berkhamsted School’s trip to our workshop, is a Year 8 student and has been an Art Scholar since he joined the school in Year 7.

As a student he has been a major contributor to the overall concept and drafting of the Art Scholars’ Lino Printing project. As well as collaborating on the emblem design he has designed both the Lych Gate and Deans’ Hall segments.

His latest project is a tableau of nine planets carved onto square blocks of contrasting woods using a brand new pyrographic engraver. Already fascinated by wood and it’s various patterns and structure he realised the potential for creating different textures while experimenting with the new tool.simon taylor berkhamsted school

These textures in the wood reminded him of photographs of planet surfaces. He utilised different woods and these were chosen to represent the surfaces of the planets by colour and grain.

As Simon helped him explore the different types of wood and assist him with his choices, the markings were burnt and etched into them to detail the various surface patterns.

Each planet took approximately 2-3 hours to create and the artwork is currently being exhibited at Berkhamsted School.

Miles has also constructed a 3ft assembly of Elizabeth’s Tower (Big Ben) using stickwork among other projects and contributions to the school’s Lino Printing project.

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