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5 Critical Factors For Planning Your Bespoke Kitchen

bespoke kitchen aylesburyDesigning your bespoke kitchen can seem like an overwhelming challenge and a comprehensive plan is essential for any luxury kitchen project to be successful.

An established and credible kitchen company in Aylesbury must be able to partner with you to create the ideal design that will suit your requirements and also something that works within your budget.

Our senior designer, Tony Lister, has some tips and advice from his wealth of experience in the kitchen industry to make the design process a pleasure rather than an inconvenience.

He has compiled a list of questions that his clients have found essential to our work process and hope that they will also assist you during your handmade kitchen design project. Our staff of designers will also work with you to create a design to suit your own personal requirements.

Before you begin to look at different styles, colours, and finishes, you will want to consider how the kitchen will be used.

Will your kitchen be a designated area for the storage and preparation of food items, a functioning kitchen, or more the heart of the home with an additional dining space and family area? How often do you entertain guests? Do you do lots of cooking? This will help you to determine how much workspace will be required, which appliances you will need, and whether or not seating will need to be integrated into the design. If you are a keen cook you may find a vegetable preparation sink a useful quality in the kitchen.

Who will be using your bespoke kitchen? Are there any specific requirements for other members of the family? For instance some of the plans we have completed for clients include an island so that the children could sit down and complete their homework while dinner is being prepared. An alternative project accommodated a dog kennel under one of the cabinets for the family pet. It is important to us that your handmade kitchen suits your requirements and achieves your desired end result.

What type of storage will your bespoke kitchen require? Do you have lots of appliances, utensils, pans, chinaware, glassware and food that need to be stored? Do you desire deep drawers to house large cooking pans? Does your glassware need to be displayed? If you live in a remote area and do not regularly shop for your food it would be suitable to allow plenty of storage space for your food staples and ingredients. Would you like an additional fridge or freezer to store your frozen meats and vegetables? Do you require a designated space for recycling your used goods?

How do you like to store your items? Some of our clients favour pull-out storage to take full advantage of the space without having to bend and reach excessively. Other valued clients prefer to utilise a more traditional larder with baskets, drawers, and spice racks for added convenience. Plan your preferred storage options and let us help you create a beautiful handmade kitchen with practicality for you and your family.

As a final point how do you visualise your dream kitchen? How do you envision the finish and style of your handmade furniture and new appliances? What does the lighting look like? In existing houses we might recommend moving interior walls to best utilise the space; if the space is a new extension we might propose where the new doors and windows would be best suited. By defining our clients’ needs we can individually tailor your handmade kitchen so you will have a truly unique design that fulfils your every requirement.

If you are looking for a bespoke kitchen designer then we are your first choice for local quality workmanship. If you have any questions at all or would like to discuss your requirements then do call us today on 01296 488207 or complete our contact form here.

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