Entertaining Made Easy! Wine Cooling and Drink Chillers by Simon Taylor Furniture | Simon Taylor Furniture

Entertaining Made Easy! Wine Cooling and Drink Chillers by Simon Taylor Furniture

Entertaining Made Easy! Wine Cooling and Drink Chillers by Simon Taylor Furniture

There was a time when people kept their wine collections in dusty cellars, or under the stairs to ensure that they were preserved in a cool and dark environment. Any bottles of chilled Champagne or white wine that were immediately required were put in the fridge for ‘drinking now’. However, your standard fridge or fridge freezer is designed for storing food and is actually not the best place to keep any decent bottles as there is too much light and vibration and it is usually set at the wrong humidity level, which can affect the taste.

Nowadays, the cellar has been converted into an extra room, often a kitchen and living space and the under-stair storage area has become a utility area or an additional WC. So, where do you store your wine? Thanks to technological advances in wine cooling by appliance manufacturers, together with sinks that are designed to store ice, we are now able to integrate wine fridges, drinks chillers and ice troughs within the kitchen design itself and it is a rare occasion when we don’t include a wine cooler of some sort in our bespoke projects.

Here are some ideas to give you inspiration for your own future kitchen, and we are pleased to partner with all of these brands:

Butlers Cross - Modern Glass-fronted Open Plan Kitchen with Miele Appliances The cooling wall with a tall integrated wine conditioner in our recent project at Butlers Cross

Miele Mastercool 3-Zone Wine Conditioner


Cooling walls are a big trend in kitchens right now and if you have space this is a great way to store all your fresh and frozen goods together with your favourite wines. Usually situated side by side, the wine conditioner or cooler is often at the centre with the larder fridge on one side and the tall freezer on the other, or with less room available then it is next to a tall fridge freezer. The integrated Miele Mastercool version we featured in this project has a tinted UV glass door front and LED lighting when the door is opened. It offers simultaneous storage of red and white wines and Champagne in three separate temperature zones and it features an attractive pull out wooden racks. It features an air clean option and is designed to preserve wines in the ideal ambient environment.


Integrated under-counter wine cooling in a kitchen island in our project in Pottersbury

Miele Built-in wine conditioning unit with FlexiFrame Plus and Push2open


Because a kitchen island is usually designed with an area for informal socialising, we also tend to specify that this is where an under-counter wine cabinet is installed. We specialise in designing ‘floating’ kitchen islands without standard plinths, so we recommend installing fully integrated compact wine cabinets at the end of the island, making them easily accessible. We designed and made this extra-long ‘floating’ island as the centrepiece for a kitchen in a converted barn and instead of adding an end panel, we installed two built-in wine conditioning units from Miele with Push2open doors that do not require handles. These premium compact models look very effective installed side-by-side, with one storing red and the other storing white wine and Champagne.”


ice rock sink

The latest trend for ‘drinking now’ – Icerock sinks that are integrated into your work surface as seen in our project at Butlers Cross.

Kohler Icerock Trough Undermount Sink


This is a galvanised stainless steel undermount sink that is designed to support lower temperatures in order to keep ice frozen for longer. Kohler’s ICEROCK kitchen sinks include KOHLER’s unique sound-absorbing SilentShield technology, which reduces the noise from dishes and running water, while also maintaining sink temperature, making them ideal for accommodating bottles of Champagne, white wine or rose when entertaining – and they look great, too.

The Kaelo Integrated Wine and Champagne Cooler – perfect for ‘drinking now’

The Kaelo Integrated Wine Cooler


Brilliant for entertaining and for keeping the bottle to hand, the Kaelo is an integrated wine cooler designed to keep your drinks perfectly chilled once you’ve opened the bottle. Using a dry-cooling system, Kaelo keeps the bottle within 1-2 degrees of its opening temperature with no ice, no drips and no refills. Kaelo is super energy efficient, becoming super-cold within seconds yet only using the same power as a 60-watt light-bulb. No refillables and CFCs are used, and because it doesn’t need ice there’s no water to waste. To save energy, Kaelo automatically switches off after two hours. Kaelo is also all about enjoyment. Tap the crown three times and you can choose your favourite from 27 different colours to gently light the bottle. Tap four times for the colour fade mode. Kaelo can be easily integrated into any surface and incorporated into any scale or style of the project – from breakfast bars, kitchen islands and sofas, to bathrooms and bedrooms, all that’s needed is a hole and a plug socket.

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