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Luminous and Glamorous Glass Kitchens by Simon Taylor Furniture

Luminous and Glamorous Glass Kitchens by Simon Taylor Furniture

At Simon Taylor Furniture we design all of our kitchen projects at our HQ and Workshop in Bierton, Buckinghamshire and we work with highly specialised suppliers that we seek out to makes those concepts come to fruition. While we make all timber and handpainted kitchens on-site, we also make the carcases for our specialist glass-fronted kitchens, the templates for which are then sent to a specialist glass company and we project manage the whole creative process from start to finish. View all glass kitchens.

We love working with glass because it is luxurious and tactile. Glass is reflective and beautiful, whether it is matt or gloss in texture and we specify 4mm toughened low iron glass for our kitchen projects, which by its very name is hardwearing and durable. The reflective qualities of glass offer extra depth, so you can see when the light penetrates the edges. It always looks stunning and different and it has a natural, luminous look by day and it is glamorous by night.

We can make glass-fronted kitchens in any NCS or RAL colour, so you can colour-match your kitchen to any shade and combine it with other textures, like stone, metallics or timber. We have made bespoke matt and gloss glass kitchens and we have case studies on our website.

Please see our Glass and Gloss Kitchens to view our most recent projects.

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