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The Kitchen Design Trends We Adore

The Kitchen Design Trends We Adore

At Simon Taylor we have been designing and building luxury kitchens for 30 years. We have a deep understanding of the high-quality natural materials and traditional craft skills required for exceptional kitchen design. We also continually evolve to keep up with the latest technology and kitchen design trends.

Here are our top 3 picks of the very latest kitchen design trends our clients love.

Glass with Flow

Butlers Cross Glass Kitchen Island

View the Butlers Cross kitchen

If you are dreaming of a new modern, sleek kitchen with a luxuriously smooth finish, then a glass kitchen is definitely a material option you should consider for your bespoke cabinetry. Flawless in appearance, glass has a luxurious coldness to the touch that no other kitchen material can deliver.

Dark colours and flat matt cabinetry absorb natural light, whereas glass, especially over white or light colours, reflects light and makes any room appear larger and infinitely brighter. Light bounces off this material like no other and really intensifies the beauty of the kitchen space, giving the room an airy, light and bright feel.

Our brief from a recent client was to create a bright kitchen space with a continuous flow. Once we visited the client’s home and saw the wonderful light and airy extension where the kitchen would go, we knew instantly that using glass for the cabinetry would create everything they hoped for and more. Our client was absolutely delighted with the result.

Glass is a kitchen trend that we’ve been seeing a lot of. Don’t expect it to go away. We adore working with glass in kitchen design because it delivers on so many fronts to create timeless modern and sophisticated kitchens our clients love.

A Match Made in Heaven: Timber and White

Pottersbury Kitchen Island Wine Cooling

View the Potterspury kitchen

Bright white is without any doubt the hallmark of the modern kitchen. So, what do you do if you have your heart set on a contemporary kitchen, you want to keep the design clean and simple, but also would like to add some warmth without using colour? In a large kitchen space, all-white, if not sensitively designed, can easily look too clinical.

This was exactly the brief we were set by our clients for designing a kitchen for a delightful extension which incorporated structural beams. Our clients had their hearts set on a white kitchen, but wanted the design to work in harmony with the architecture of the room. They also loved the idea of American Black Walnut, but worried that a completely timber kitchen would look too dark and overpower the space.

We set to work, carefully understanding the brief to create the look our clients wanted to achieve. We decided to combine a mix of timber and white cabinetry and our clients were over the moon with the result.

Mixing walnut timber and white is definitely a kitchen design trend to watch out for.

The Crowning Glory: Natural Light

Butlers Cross Modern Glass-fronted Open Plan Kitchen Island Front

Kitchens have changed phenomenally over the past couple of decades and natural light has become increasingly important when it comes to kitchen design. Many people have extended their homes to increase open-plan living space and achieve the kitchen of their dreams. The kitchen is no longer just a place to prepare food. Now dubbed the hub of the home, kitchens are a place to live, work, cook, eat, socialise and entertain in.

Ample natural light is a vital aspect of modern kitchens for modern family life. With the right amount of natural light streaming in, the kitchen is illuminated from dawn until dusk. As a core space in the home where most families spend a lot of their time, ample natural light is becoming an increasingly sought-after feature. It cuts down on electricity and is the most natural and powerful way to light up a room.

There really isn’t anything worse than a gloomy dark kitchen. While any room can be bathed in artificial light, natural light has a completely different quality. Natural light brings such a sense of brightness and joy to the kitchen, which is impossible to achieve through conventional lighting schemes.

We were recently commissioned to design and build a modern glass-fronted kitchen with integrated Miele appliances for the large gabled extension of a 1930s family property. The brief was to create a modern kitchen space that would reflect the light from the floor-to-ceiling windows and the windows in the vaulted ceiling.

Our clients were adamant they did not want a gloss lacquered kitchen, so they were absolutely delighted with our design which incorporated glass door fronts to cleverly reflect light without a splash of gloss in sight!

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