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Simon Taylor Furniture and sister company Stewkley Stone were awarded Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Magazine’s ‘Material Mastery Award’ for their highly skilled craftsmanship with Caesarstone’s stunning ‘Motivo’ quartz in Crocodile.

In order for the unique beauty of the Motivo Crocodile surface to be shown off to best effect, the cabinet’s design must be simple and contemporary, yet perfectly executed.

The finished cabinet measured over 2 metres in length, with the sheer, flush expanse of its side panels and top surface providing the perfect showcase for Motivo Crocodile’s wow-factor aesthetic.

The cabinet called for the skills and mastery that can perhaps only come from a second-generation stonemason. Whilst the Motivo Crocodile surface is like no other, its highly realistic texture means not even the tiniest fabrication imperfection can be afforded.

It was a complex project and the company ensured that every millimetre of the cabinet was crafted to exact standards. Corners and closures were precision tooled and finished and every possible detail was scrutinised before the cabinet was unveiled at the exhibition.

The cabinet achieved its objective of giving Caesarstone’s 100% Design exhibition stand a head-turning focal point and was a triumphant mastery of a stunning, yet demanding material.

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