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Kitchen Solutions: Bespoke Larder Cupboards

January 2023


Bespoke larder cupboards are a luxurious addition to any kitchen. These sleek and sophisticated cabinetry masterpieces provide ample storage for all your dry goods and condiments, and can be designed with space-efficient racks for herbs and spices inside the door. Because they are made bespoke, they will always be designed with your lifestyle in mind, with consideration to the ingredients you use most.

Larder cupboards: what are they?

Unlike a pantry, which tends to be a small room just off the kitchen for storing foodstuffs, a larder is incorporated within your kitchen, either as a freestanding cupboard, or within the run of cabinetry. Wherever possible, it is in a north-facing part of the room, as that is the coolest area in terms of temperature.

A larder is designed with multiple shelves and can also have drawers and door racks, providing ample storage for all your kitchen essentials. All the cooking ingredients you require can be neatly organised and stored in one place in your larder cupboard. When it is a bespoke design, the height of each shelf will be considered to suit all your needs and requirements. This means that if you have lots of tall pasta jars, or, alternatively, lots of smaller jam jars, the ideal shelf space will be created for them to make the larder the perfect functional cupboard for you.

Transform your bespoke kitchen with a larder cupboard

A Simon Taylor Furniture, we will discuss all your cooking and storage requirements at the planning stage of your new kitchen in order to design and build the perfect bespoke larder cupboard for you. Because it is designed and made bespoke, it comes with unmatched attention to detail. We can even create hybrid larder pantries with cold shelves, and also versions with vents that extract out to an external wall.

Maximise your storage potential with a bespoke larder cupboard

At Simon Taylor Furniture, our kitchens are always truly bespoke, designed and handmade at cabinetry workshop in Bierton, Buckinghamshire. Our designs are created to ensure that you can achieve as much dry food and condiment storage as possible using available space.

At Simon Taylor Furniture, all of our designs are truly bespoke. For more information about incorporating a larder cupboard in your new kitchen, please contact one of our expert designers.



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