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Shaker kitchens embody the idea of a truly individual kitchen. With a timeless feel that has been designed and built to your exact requirements, our Shaker kitchens combine the time-honoured Shaker style with modern functionality. Every kitchen we design is unique and built to stand the test of time.

Whether you want a very traditional Shaker kitchen or you prefer a more contemporary version, we can design and build a kitchen that is exactly your vision and reflects the classic Shaker design style.

Nothing illustrates the beauty of fine craftsmanship like a Shaker kitchen by Simon Taylor. Designed to use every bit of available space, we handcraft bespoke cabinetry, specially designed drawers, shelving, racks and pantry space to suit you, your home and your kitchen belongings. We want your new kitchen to be an absolute dream to live, cook and entertain in.

We use the finest quality timbers with the smoothest grains and handcraft every individual piece of your solid wood kitchen to perfection. Pick your preferred timber from beautiful oak to sumptuous American Black Walnut and choose from a wide range of paint colours to finish off your perfect Shaker kitchen. Select your preferred material for worktops and tell us which appliances and modern features you desire.

We make sure your Shaker kitchen incorporates all of your ideas. Every inch of your new Shaker kitchen, down to each dovetail joint, receives the same care and attention as it comes to life in our Buckinghamshire workshop. Our fully project managed service will give you peace of mind that every step of your kitchen project is in expert hands.

Contact our team now to find out more about our luxury kitchen design service. A Shaker kitchen by Simon Taylor is the perfect choice for elegant homes.

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