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Libraries and Bookshelves

Simon Taylor Furniture - Freestanding Bookshelves
Libraries And Bookshelves
Bookshelves - Fulham Project
Simon Taylor Furniture - Freestanding BookshelvesLibraries And BookshelvesBookshelves - Fulham Project


Libraries and Bespoke Bookshelves

Britain is a nation of bibliophiles. Whether you just love reading or you are a serious collector of books, we can make bespoke bookshelves or full libraries to display them. We design and make furniture to your exact specification and we can make freestanding or fitted shelving to suit your needs. We will measure the shelving to ensure that your books are stored at the correct heights and to utilise all available space. We also make ladder rails and the ladders so that all your books are easy to reach at all times. If you wish to store your books behind glass doors, we make bespoke display cabinets for that purpose and these can be lockable as well.