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Simon Taylor Furniture - Soulbury Wardrobe - Bespoke Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom Solutions: Wardrobe Storage

January 2022


When we are commissioned to design bespoke wardrobes for a bedroom or a separate walk-in wardrobe, we will start by asking you lots of questions about your storage requirements. Everyone’s needs are different and we want to ensure that we are maximising your available space down to the last centimetre.

Do you need hanging rails for long dresses, skirts, shirts and trousers? We recommend a mix of static and pull-out or pull-down hanging rails to easily access your clothing. Do you need cupboard space for folded items, or drawers for jumpers and cardigans? We will incorporate shelving and deep drawers to store them. Everyone needs space for shoes and we will include pull-out shoe racks, sized to suit the heights of your shoes and boots.

We will design internal storage compartments for all your additional clothing, underwear and socks, and if you have lots of accessories, like watches and jewellery, we can create compartmentalised storage drawers so that everything is visible and simple to find. We can even make them lockable, if necessary.

We will also talk to you about lighting. We can include spotlights over a walk-in wardrobe, or LED lighting that works with a sensor to illuminate when you open the wardrobe door. We can make the wardrobes lockable too.

At Simon Taylor Furniture all of our wardrobe designs are truly bespoke. For more information about wardrobes and walk-in wardrobes, please get in touch.

Simon Taylor Furniture - Walk-in Wardrobe 1
Simon Taylor Furniture - Walk-in Wardrobe 2
Simon Taylor Furniture - Soulbury Wardrobe - bespoke bedroom furniture
Simon Taylor Furniture - Storage Drawer for accessories