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Everyday Security
in Your Kitchen

March 2023


At Simon Taylor Furniture, we are always seeking innovations that will complement our kitchens and be of real benefit to our clients. We have recently partnered with Chubbsafes to promote its EverydaySafe™ because we believe this is a fantastic security solution for your kitchen, and your home.

What is an EverydaySafe™?

In simple terms, the EveryDaySafe™ is a metal drawer that locks and opens electronically, and is designed to fit in a standard sized 600mm kitchen cabinet. Securely anchored on Blum Memento runners and featuring digital capability, it opens using an easy-to-use app on your smartphone. It uses WiFi with a password so that multiple users in the home can access the drawer and can also be connected using Bluetooth. It also opens manually via a fingerprint sensor at the base.

Why is an EverydaySafe™ useful?

Most safes are hidden away in hard-to-reach areas. They are ideal for all the important documents, dress watches and pieces of jewellery that you rarely use. The EverydaySafe™ is specifically designed to protect the valuable items that you use every day and also store items that need protecting, such as medicines and keys to locked cabinets. Because it is located in a room that you use every day, it is easily accessible for you, but not for burglars nor cyber burglars.

An EverydaySafe™ protects against keyless car theft

With its ease of access, the EverydaySafe is the ideal place to keep your car keys. As a high-tech safety solution, it is a certified high security locking unit that features Faraday functionality. This protects against keyless car theft by automatically blocking keyless car cloning devices. Keyless cars unlock automatically when their key is physically close to the car. Smart criminals are using relay devices to make car systems believe a key is nearby by cloning its signal. They intercept and then relay the signal from the car key using two receiver/transmitters and can open and steal the car. By keeping your keys safe in an EverydaySafe™ means that the signal cannot be accessed.

See an EverydaySafe™ demonstrated at our Bierton showroom

We have an example of an EverydaySafe™ at the Simon Taylor Furniture showroom in Bierton, Buckinghamshire that we can demonstrate to you.

If you are considering a new kitchen with added security, or you would like an EverydaySafe™ to be retro-fitted in your kitchen, then please book an appointment to find out more.

Watch the video

EverydaySafe Kitchen