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Under-stair Wine Storage

Wine Storage

April 2024

Under-Stair Wine Storage

Under-stair Wine Storage

Many houses have cellars and basements that would have been used as wine cellars in bygone days. However, nowadays, many cellars have been repurposed into other rooms in the home leaving little room for the bulk storage of wine. That is unless you purchase a specialist appliance to keep it at the correct ambient temperatures.

In architectural terms, the triangular space beneath the stairs is known as a spandrel. Its angular shape means that it can often be quite a dark and cool area because of the staircase above it. However, this area can provide the ideal conditions for preserving wines, and, at Simon Taylor Furniture, we are specialists at designing bespoke wine storage solutions under the stairs.

We design, make and install all cabinetry to the precise dimensions of the space, and each project is created to the exact specifications of our clients. For under-stair options, you can have open shelving for wine, with cupboards at the base – ideal for a subterranean gaming or media room. Alternatively, you can showcase your wines in a special wine cave with glass fronts and with LED lighting to make a feature of it at night; a stunning way to add a talking point in an entrance hall. We recommend UV glass and humidity controls for wine preservation and we can incorporate these additions into our quotations.

We design the shelving in several configurations, with single bottle shelves or cross shelves for bottles that need to be laid down, while open shelves are used for standing bottles, for ‘drinking now.’

Prices for bespoke under-stair wine storage by Simon Taylor Furniture start from £10,000.



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