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Stylish Utility

May 2024


The utility room is the workhorse of the home. Providing practical storage for cleaning items and vacuum cleaners, where the laundry, and often, the ironing is performed. It is also where muddy boots are washed and, sometimes, the dog.

While utility rooms need to be functional, they can still be stylish. Often located directly off the kitchen, we design the utility room in a similar style, with cabinetry that complements the kitchen, whether it is contemporary or traditional. Usually, the cabinetry will cover up unsightly boilers and pipework, but nowadays it can also conceal routers, modems and racking.

We always suggest a sink and a tap with a flexible hose is installed in the utility room with storage cupboards and open shelving. We recommend having a radiator to dry off newly cleaned items along with a large capacity washing machine and tumble dryer. At Simon Taylor Furniture we are retail partners with a wide range of premium appliance brands so when you commission us to design, make and install your utility room, we will also supply the laundry appliances and fit them for you.

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