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June 2022


The hardware in your kitchen can make a real difference to its overall look. Together with being functional, kitchen handles can add character, a sense of luxury and originality.

Handles tend to be featured in modern and classic kitchen styles. A traditional Shaker kitchen usually includes a combination of cup pull handles for the drawers and smaller rounded knobs for the cupboards, along with butt hinges as opposed to concealed hinges.

At Simon Taylor Furniture, we regard the hardware as the ‘jewellery for your kitchen’. At our showroom in Bierton, we have a special mid-century glass-fronted cabinet in our presentation area that is dedicated to different types of handles, knobs and accessories by various brands. These include Armac Martin and Crofts & Assinder; companies that showcase high quality on-trend handles and hinges that are featured in some of our latest projects.

When you are choosing handles for your kitchen, you are going to need them for every drawer and every cupboard. It is therefore important for you to be completely satisfied with your choice before you place your order.

Things to consider before you make your decision:

Colour and finish: if you have an idea of what you require, we will find it for you. Whether matt or chrome, nickel, pewter, gold, silver or bushed brass, we can source it for you.

Look and feel: we have many different styles and options in our showroom but if you want a style that is truly bespoke, like our kitchens, then we will design it and have it made for you.

Quality and durability: we only recommend ironmongery from brands that provide the highest quality. While we guarantee our kitchen cabinetry, the handles and hinges come with separate manufacturer warranties.

For more information about your next bespoke kitchen, please get in touch.