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Ashridge Bespoke Shaker Kitchen


April 2022


Storing dry goods, condiments, herbs and spices in a convenient part of the kitchen is an important consideration for any keen cook. They need to be easily accessible when cooking, but neatly out of the way at all other times to ensure the kitchen is clutter-free. At Simon Taylor Furniture we suggest specific zoned areas within the kitchen layout to make life easier when preparing food and cooking and also when it comes to the storage of often-used items.

Our bespoke traditional kitchens are all designed and made to suit you, your lifestyle and your specifications. Over the years, we have made a number of different pantry storage styles from fully freestanding Shaker cabinets, to beautifully fitted versions as part of a run of cabinetry, all sized to fit each kitchen space perfectly. We make full-sized dressers with soft-close drawers for napkins and cutlery with larger base cabinets for storing bulkier items. We always ensure that the interior cabinetry is as well thought-out as the exterior, ensuring that shelf heights are ideal for all your storage needs.

You can choose your own door styles, from fully opening single or double doors with handmade spice racks on the interior, to slide-opening bi-fold doors or even pocket doors that fold back into side recesses to be completely hidden from view. Drawers, whether designed for cutlery storage or as deeper wider versions are all handmade and feature dovetail drawer boxes. We will source any type of handle and hinge for you and we have a full display cabinet of hardware styles at our Bierton showroom and cabinetry workshop, where all our furniture is made.

For more information about your next bespoke kitchen, please get in touch.

Simon Taylor Furniture - Watford - Modern Shaker Kitchen with island and peninsula with chequered black and white floor (1.12)