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Butlers Cross - Tea Station

Kitchen Solutions: Tea Stations

March 2021



Butlers Cross - Tea Station

Every kitchen we design is always made to suit you and your lifestyle – and it is always truly bespoke.

When we design, we consider every constituent part of the kitchen and how it is used. We then plan a blueprint that features different zones for different functions, from the moment you walk in the door and put your shopping down, to where you keep refrigerated food to where you cook, eat, entertain and even where you store your wine. Each different element in the kitchen should be well thought out and it should flow seamlessly into the next. One of the zones we feel is really important is the tea station. It’s a simple kitchen management solution and one we like to include whenever possible.

The tea station is a cabinet, usually enclosed behind double, bi-fold or pocket doors. It is always near the fridge, but separated from the hob and ovens, leaving the cooking area uninterrupted. The cupboard’s interior has shelves for tea, coffee, mugs and cups and a worksurface for small electricals such as a toaster or a kettle. Alternatively, we will install a boiling water tap within the surface itself to efficiently and rapidly deliver water for your hot drink.

For more information about the ideal storage solutions for your next bespoke kitchen, please get in touch.