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The beauty of being truly bespoke

November 2020

The beauty of being truly bespoke

The strapline for our business is Truly Bespoke because every piece of furniture that we make is just that: truly bespoke. As specialists in bespoke handcrafted kitchens, we work closely with our clients to understand the architecture of their home, look at what they want to achieve and we ask questions of their lifestyle to understand exactly what they require. We then translate this information into a design, whether it is traditional, Shaker, industrial or contemporary. With Simon Taylor Furniture, no two kitchens are ever the same and that is something we are very proud of.

Having a truly bespoke kitchen is like having a tailor-made suit or a couture dress created from scratch, where we will literally start by taking measurements and we will discuss all the details including the colours and materials you prefer. We will then draw the designs in accordance with your wishes and once you place the order, we then craft everything by hand in order present you with the finished article that is made to fit you and your home perfectly.

We don’t feature furniture ranges on our website for one very good reason: we don’t make them. If a kitchen is part of a named collection then it has already been designed in advance and it will then be adjusted to suit the dimensions of your room. To us, that isn’t a bespoke kitchen; that is like buying a ready-made suit and then having it altered to your size.

If you are considering having a kitchen that is unique to you and your home, please call us on 01296 488 207 or please use the contact form below and we will get in touch with you.