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A Quooker Tap Installed In The Bovigdon Kitchen By Simon Taylor Furniture

The Benefits of a Boiling Water Tap

August 2022


Simon Taylor , managing director, Simon Taylor Furniture 2020

By Simon Taylor

In its company history, Quooker states that the first batch of Quooker Boiling Water Taps were exported abroad in 2004. Simon Taylor Furniture was one of the first recipients of these innovative taps in the UK, and we have enjoyed a longstanding relationship with the company ever since.

We were early adopters of the revolutionary idea that if you had a tap that could deliver hot, cold and 100°C boiling water then this would have huge benefits in terms of energy efficiency. You would only need the optimal amount of boiling water for your requirements, as opposed to filling a kettle full of water and then only using half of it to make a cup of tea. Plus, you wouldn’t actually need the kettle anymore, so there would be more space on your countertop.

I was so impressed by the Quooker Boiling Water Tap that I had one installed in our staff kitchen and another in our cabinet workshop, to replace the electric kettle that everyone used to make teas and coffees. While we have changed the models over time, we still use Quooker taps in the workplace to this day.

We recently upgraded to the Quooker Cube. This is ‘the tap that does it all’ by delivering hot, cold, 100° boiling water together with cold sparkling water, all from the same tap. With the latest version, you can even control the size of the bubbles. The advantage of this is that we have drastically reduced the amount of plastic water bottles in our office and workshop, because the tap really does do it all. We also have a Quooker Cube installed in our showroom that we can demonstrate to you.

For every kitchen project we undertake, we always recommend having a boiling water tap installed because of its many benefits. Our installation team is fully trained to fit Quooker taps and we include the cost of installation within our overall quote.

For more information about installing a boiling water tap in your next bespoke kitchen, please get in touch.

A Quooker Tap in the Ashridge Kitchen by Simon Taylor Furniture
A Quooker Tap in the Aylesbury Vale Kitchen by Simon Taylor Furniture
A Quooker tap installed in the Bovigdon Kitchen by Simon Taylor Furniture
A Quooker tap installed in Green par Kitchen by Simon Taylor Furniture