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The enduring popularity of Shaker kitchens

September 2020

The enduring popularity of Shaker kitchens

While there are many different types to choose from, the most popular style in the UK is the Shaker kitchen. Timeless, elegant and beautiful, Shaker kitchens feature stunning in-frame cabinetry with tongue and groove panels. Butt hinges and mix of ball knobs and pull cup handles are also a signature of a classic Shaker kitchen. The efficiency of the design, with no ornate carvings or inlays is also another reason as to why the style is so enduring. Keeping them up-to-date, today’s Shaker kitchens tend to be hand-painted in a range of heritage colours.

While considered to be a style imported from the United States, the Shaker Movement began in England in the 18th Century. It was a religious sect that believed in abstinence, communal living and utilitarian design, where everything in the home should have a function. Having been persecuted for their beliefs, the Shakers moved to America in the late 18th Century and they settled in New England. 250 years later, and their original design tenets are still admired all over the world.

A bespoke Shaker kitchen by Simon Taylor Furniture will be designed to perfectly suit the style of your property and also your lifestyle. This Aylesbury Vale project is a recent example of our work.

Since 1985, Simon Taylor Furniture has been designing and making truly bespoke kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and fine furniture. For more information and prices, please call us on 01296 488 207.