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Banquette Seating - Purley

Kitchen Solutions: Banquette Seating

September 2021



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Banquette Seating - Fulham Townhouse
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Banquette Seating - Purley 2

For any kitchen diner, banquette seating is a useful way to maximise the number of places that can fit around a table in a given space. Designed against a single wall, in a corner nook, or backing on to a kitchen island, a banquette can ideally seat two or more people with chairs or bar stools used in addition. An L-shaped banquette can usually seat four people comfortably.

If the kitchen diner has a bay window, then curved banquette seating can be created to perfectly fit within the recess. If a bespoke dining table is made in addition, this can be a space-saving option as it will fit within the exact area, and at Simon Taylor Furniture, we can make the dining tables too.

Banquette seating is usually made with a back and seat and can be designed in a Shaker or more contemporary style, dependent on the architecture of the property and the aesthetic of the kitchen. It can also be multifunctional, with lift-up seats or pull-out drawers for storage beneath.

Banquette seating can also be designed above a concealed radiator with vents underneath the seat to allow for heat to flow around the room – ideal for a bay window option.

For more information about banquette seating in your next kitchen, please get in touch.