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Kitchen Solutions: Breakfast Stations

May 2023


When we meet with clients at the design stage of their new bespoke kitchen, one of the options that we recommend is to include a breakfast station. A truly functional space, it is a useful addition to any kitchen and particularly if you have family members wanting tea and coffee at different times of the day, not just at breakfast-time.

What is a breakfast station?

Located away from the main cooking area in the kitchen, a breakfast station is a mix between a cupboard, a larder and a dedicated storage space for small appliances. Usually concealed behind pocket, or bi-fold doors, they open out to reveal shelving for coffee, tea and other ingredients for hot drinks, together with crockery and other breakfast items. Incorporating electrical sockets, the lowest shelf, usually with a quartz or stone worktop, is where you can conceal the toaster, the coffee machine and the kettle, keeping your work surfaces clutter-free. In fact, we recommend that you have a separate boiling water tap installed instead of a kettle, because this is an energy and water-efficient option.

Why is a breakfast station useful?

Its location, away from the main cooking zone, means that family members can come and make their breakfast, or a cup of coffee or tea, without getting in the way of the cook at any time of day or night.

To view our kitchen projects that feature a breakfast station incorporated within the design, please see the case studies for Aylesbury Vale, Bovingdon, Butlers Cross and Soulbury.