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Decorative Lighting - Soulbury

Kitchen Solutions: Decorative Lighting

October 2021



The kitchen is a multifunctional space, used for cooking, relaxing and socialising. One of the best ways to differentiate the look of the kitchen from day to night is to include decorative lighting to enhance the space. This can be performed by using profile lighting or accent lighting to highlight a particular area in the room.

For open plan kitchens with islands or peninsulas, one of our signature styles in to include profile lighting beneath a recessed plinth to make the kitchen island seem as if it is floating. We can also include profile lighting above a suspended ceiling to add symmetry. Profile lighting can be grooved into an overhang underside of the worktop to highlight the finger rail or at the base of overhead cabinetry to provide additional illumination over the worksurface beneath. We also specialise in adjustable reflective lighting to wash light over sections of furniture.

For this we suggest energy efficient LED lighting spots or strips that provide a seamless look and these come in a range of shades from warm white to bright white. For decorative lighting, we tend to recommend warm white, which has a slightly yellow hue, while bright white has a blue hue and is ideal for task lighting.

Another attractive solution in to illuminate glass-fronted cabinetry as this is an ideal way to showcase ornamental items in corner cabinets or for displaying wine glasses. LED spotlights will present lighting from above, or LED strips can be used within the cabinet to deliver a fully backlit cabinet.

At Simon Taylor Furniture all of our kitchen designs are truly bespoke. For more information about the use of decorative lighting in your next kitchen, please get in touch.

Decorative Lighting - Soulbury
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