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Wine Storage - Gaggenau Wine Climate Cabinet

Kitchen Solutions: Wine Storage

April 2021



Wine Storage - Gaggenau Wine Climate Cabinet
Wine Storage - Gaggenau Undercounter Wine Cabinet
Wine Storage - Simon Taylor Furniture Bespoke Wine Rack

Nowadays, kitchens are designed as multifunctional spaces for cooking, eating and entertaining and as a result there is greater demand for wine storage, ranging from bespoke wine racks to wine fridges to dedicated wine climate cabinets. We have designed a number of kitchens for clients that are keen connoisseurs and we recommend various options dependent on the size of the kitchen, or the size of their collection.

It is important to store wine and Champagne correctly, otherwise the flavour can be negatively affected. It is not recommended to keep wine in your fridge or fridge freezer because these appliances are ostensibly designed to keep food fresh. They will include bottle racks for convenience, but they are set at the right temperature for storing food but the wrong temperature for keeping wine. When the door is opened and closed during the day, the light will eventually affect the taste. If you opt for a stunning wine rack in the kitchen, we always recommend it is situated out of direct sunlight and the wine you store in it is for ‘drinking now’ because humidity can also change the flavour as well.

If you enjoy white or red wine and want a convenient solution for entertaining then we suggest including an undercounter wine cabinet with a dual temperature option that will keep both whites and reds at their correct ambient temperature. When we design your kitchen, we will suggest the ideal location for it, near to your dining area or where you socialise most; often within a kitchen island or a peninsula.

If you are seeking a solution to accommodate whites, reds and Champagnes that can be stored for both ‘drinking now’ and for ‘laying down’, then it is worth investing in a dedicated wine climate cabinet that will have separate sections for each at different temperature options. These refrigeration appliances come with wooden shelves and are made to ensure the perfect preservation of wine, with opaque glass fronts, often with UV protection, and special lighting to keep the wine in a dimmed environment. They also come with charcoal filters to limit humidity and the appliances are designed with special shock absorbers that remove any vibration so that bottles can be stored safely for years.

Appliance specialists such as Gaggenau, Liebherr, Miele, Siemens and Sub Zero all make dedicated luxury wine climate cabinets in various sizes and options and at Simon Taylor Furniture we partner with all of these brands. We will recommend the ideal wine storage solution for you and your lifestyle when planning your truly bespoke kitchen.

For more information about wine storage solutions for your next bespoke kitchen, please get in touch.